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On this page we would like to offer mutual links to Highlander users. If you are a working musician and you would like to have your site listed on this page: send us an email with a link. It may take us up to a week to reply, we look forward to hearing from you.
Also on this page we feature a few excerpts from mail we have received over the years.
Links to some of the incredibly talented musicians who have chosen to use Highlander equipment.
Moore uses Highlander pickups in his acoustic and resophonic guitars. "I love that pickup," he says. "If you get a decent, balanced guitar, that Highlander pickup sounds really sweet. You have to mount it right; if you don’t, one string will be louder than the other. You have to get somebody that really knows how to put it in."   Visit Keb's site
Dear Highlander,
Ive been working with electrifying acoustic instruments to sound natural.....only louder.....since the early 70's- my country blues/jug band days. Starting with the old De Armond sound hole magnetics, Barcus Berry ( remember them), even modified Helpenstill piano pick ups., etc.
I just installed a Highlander in my single cone National. Nothing in the last 40 years of trying this and trying that comes close. The resophonic guitar is a very complex sounding instrument and your pickup captures every nuance and still leaves plenty of room for equalization to personal taste. Now I guess I gotta rip out all my other under-saddle pickups on my guitars and install yours. Drat.
George Worthmore
“We started using the HIGHLANDER INTERNAL Mic in 2000 (back then, we had TWO mics inside of a Triplett Harp 38 string 'Eclipse') You guys thought we were crazy-- that started our relationship as well as the design and manufacturing of the Triplett Acoustic/ Electric Celtic Harps. This harp has an iP-1 Pickup and Preamp along with the first phase of the Pro Acoustic Mix DI (PAMDI) (a musicians MUST have!). This box allows me to control my stage sound in 2 harps simultaneously as well as now, I have installed the INTERNAL Mic in my Salvi Daphne Semi-Grand Concert Pedal Harp, which allows for the sweet acoustic sound as well as that cutting-edge electric sound that I'm known for. We will be contacting you soon about looking at the iP-1 Pickup and Preamp and another Pro Acoustic Mix DI -- as my live work has me moving between 2 harps on stage, and I would like to maintain that sweet HIGHLANDER sound.
Bob & Holly-- Y'all are the BOMB!! The HIGHLANDER has evolved my sound beautifully!”
Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Mark Robinson and I am a Singer/Songwriter based in the UK.
I use your iP-1 pickups in all three of my main stage guitars, namely a Brook Tamar hand built custom instrument, a Martin D-42 and an all Koa Larrivee LV10. The sound quality I get from your pickups is second to none and over the years I have tried most of the others on the market. There is absolutely no 'quack' on the attack (which I loathe with a passion!), also the acoustic sound of each instrument - and they are very different - is faithfully reproduced.
I recently supported Mack Bailey in Aspen, Colorado and used my Brook Tamar. The sound engineer remarked that the pickup was so good that he hardly needed any EQ at all. I run my guitars through an AER acoustic amp for my smaller gigs, and the sound just blows you away. I have never heard such clarity and separation; and musicians who have come to my gigs have remarked at the excellent sound reproduction of my guitars.
I have also recorded my CD 'Another Sunrise' using your pickup on several of the tracks, and I have exclusively used the iP-1s on my new CD, 'A Life More Beautiful', which is due for release in the Spring….
I can’t imagine playing live without the Highlander Pro Acoustic Mix DI.  It’s become an indispensable part of the creative chain. The Pro Acoustic Mix DI is an inspirational tool for performance. It makes you feel like playing!
Kenny is a virtuoso of the mandolin. Check out his Bio.
Dear Holly,
Did I ever tell you I'm real pleased with the system through the preamp? I think I got right into touring and never got back to you. Anyway, of course you already knew; it works great and my D35 sounds and feels more natural than ever. That makes me want to fit the pickup and mic into another guitar as well, so I wanted to ask if you can send me another system. The address is the same and so is the card number. Is that enough for you to work with?
Thanks and hope to hear from you. All the best, Ad Vanderveen.
My instruments utilize the Highlander iP-2 pickup system.  The Highlander is a very transparent pickup system amplifying the instrument's natural sound without coloring it. The high quality electronics of the unit succeeds in adding virtually no background noise, even at higher output levels. You can contact Dave at: Dave Maize Acoustic Guitars
I took a day off and drove up to San Luis Obispo today. The purpose was to get pickups installed in a few of my guitars. These are the Highlander units that were available at IGS. I had a great time with the nicest bunch of people around. There is one commercial building that has National Resophonic, Highlander and Ron Saul Ukuleles right next to each other. I had made arrangements to have Don Young at National install a pickup in my style 1.5 tricone, while Ron put iP-2’s in my Santa Cruz OM and my Taylor K-22 (a dark Koa concert-sized guitar that some of you might have seen at IGS Santa Cruz 1999). Meanwhile I got the VIP tour of how Bob Wolstein makes his pickups. That guy is one talented craftsman. He is not only an expert audio electronics designer, but a highly skilled toolmaker and machinist, as well as a computer graphics master and one smart entrepreneur. He personally designed and built all the high-precision machinery and equipment used to wind the coils and create all the tiny components that go into his pickups. The man is an awesome brain, as well as a hell of a nice guy. (He also has a good ear for sound systems for small concerts.) It’s no wonder his products perform so well…Jeffrey
Dear Bob:
Hello. Jim Walk here. You may or may not remember me, because I am sure you talked with so many people at the International Guitar Seminar in New York last month… I was the guy (or rather, ONE of the guys) who asked you for some advice on doing a good home recording. When I asked you about a good, inexpensive microphone preamp, you generously took time to call your friend and, afterwards, you informed me of a good tube preamp for around $150.
I’m writing to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm. When I went to IGS, of course I expected expert guitar instruction and plenty of acoustic guitar ear-candy. Needless to say, I got it. However, I never expected education in other areas like home recording, live-performance sound, and the workings of a great acoustic guitar pickup. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what I got simply because you were willing to take time out of your busy schedule and talk with me and the other IGS participants.
The thing that impressed me most when talking with you wasn’t so much the information I received (although, of course, I appreciated it immensely), but just how obvious your passion for sound and superior acoustic pickup technology is. It’s always a pleasure to see someone who truly loves what they do, and your attitude made it clear you truly love making things sound their best…
                I sincerely want to thank you, Bob. And thanks to everyone at Highlander pickups… Sincerely, Jim Walk
I have been working with your pickups for 15 years now, and I still think they are the best!!
Dear Sir,
We have just installed our first Highlander pickup (iP-1) on our 14-strings acoustic “Viola Caipira”.
The sound is warm and natural, amazing tone !!!
I will purchase another iP-1 for my acoustic bass guitar.

Later Aldo wrote:
Congratulations for the amazing TONE (real wood tone) of the iP-1, warmer and balanced.
The iP-1 gives me the best tone !!!
I am an acoustic bass luthier. I am changing our electronics option to the HIGHLANDER iP-1 and iP-2
Best Regards, and thanks for the help,
I understand your transducer pickups can be ordered in lengths greater than the conventional 3" variety traditionally supplied for acoustic guitars. I need a transducer about 10-11" long.
I'm interested in adapting one of your excellent Highlander pickups to an Autoharp. Bridge is aluminum angle bracket on wood body and about 10" long (36 strings).  Instrument is a home-built diatonic A/E Key conversion of an Oscar Schmidt B model harp (removable bridge/anchor). 
Please send pricing information for this, if available. I understand a matched preamp is supplied with all transducers.
Hi there,
I am writing to inquire if you make a pickup for split saddle arrangements.  I have Highlander pickups in all 4 of my acoustic guitars and am thinking about buying a guitar with a split saddle.  I've been spoiled by your pickups and don't even want to consider anything else.
Thank you very much,
David Whitsel.
A friend of mine owns a National Tricone guitar with a factory-mounted Highlander pickup. This is by far the best-sounding amplified tricone sound I´ve ever heard. After viewing your homepage I guess that the model in my friends guitar is the "Magnophonic". Is there any way I could get my Dobro DM-33 to sound as natural and be as feedback resistant as my friends guitar? Of course I realize that the acoustic sound of these guitars are different, but I do prefer the sound of my single-cone. My guitar has a "Spider Bridge" instead of the "Biscuit Bridge" found on many National guitars, and I read on National's Homepage that you have developed a pickup for their spider bridge guitar….
Best regards, Stefan Johansson, Sweden
Hi Holly,
Received the pickup Friday and had it installed. My National sounds phenomenal! Thank you for all your help. You guys make a fantastic product, keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Jeff Eakins
Dear Bob:
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to call and talk to me the other day about the inherent problems in “true stereo”. I have been telling other musicians and others about you.
My Highlander Pro Acoustic Mix DI arrived Saturday. I am very pleased. Right now one of my two amps is in the shop and the Fender Pro has never sounded so good. It's really amazing the degree of control I have right at my finger tips. I have it sitting on a music stand which is attached to my microphone stand. The parametric function gives you a lot more to work with. It is world's better than the other blenders I used to have. The 140 Hz to 3 K Hz and 350 Hz to 8 K Hz act like notches and I can find the sweet spot(s) without having to fiddle much. The Pro Acoustic Mix DI frees me up to get lost in the music, instead of searching for the right sound.
Thanks, Mark Powell, Chapel Hill musician
Dear Highlander,
I recently saw Laurence Juber in concert, and was absolutely knocked out with the sound he achieved using one of your pickups on his acoustic guitar.
Would you be good enough to send me details of your iP-1 integrated pickup & pre-amp, and tell me how much it would be—including post/packing—to order one direct from you…Best wishes
From a Letter dated 02/23/1995
I've been playing Highlander pickups since I bought my Lowden O35C ten years ago with a factory installed iP-2. My most recent Highlander acquisition was a National Reso-phonic M2 model with a factory installed iP-1X. I then bought the PAMDI to go along with that. Again, all I can say is that it sounds fantastic!!!
After struggling with trying to play old vintage Nationals direct into a Shure SM57 and being at the mercy of the sound man, NOW I"M IN CONTROL and it sounds awesome!
So thanks for making sonically great products, and being the helpful, friendly people that you are!
Lee Asnin
Sorry I missed getting to talk to you at our gig (Garrett & Westcott) at
Castoro Cellars winery on May 17.  I have one of your pickups in  my D35 and
love it.   I noticed on your web site that you make them for the resophonic
and also have the internal mic, which I'm going to check out, especially the
mic.   When we're down that way again I'd like to stop by and say hi.
Thanks again.
Gary Westcott
Everyone at Highlander Pickups,
My name is Dan LaVoie. I'm a harp guitarist from NJ. I've been using the iP-2 in my harp guitar for 2 years and I love it. Everybody at Highlander was extremely helpful. I believe it was Holly who talked me thru on the phone a couple times. I'm sending you my new cd, which I used your pickups with some microphones. Thank you guys for all the hard work and for always being helpful. Hope you enjoy the cd! Take care
Dan LaVoie
Dear Folks:
I am a blues player up here in Canada. I ordered one of your reso pick ups (iP-1X Inline) from my local music store H.E.L. Music and was blown away. I have put a link on my site and will give you my full endorsement. My 1936 National Trojan sounds fantastic. I was so impressed I bought a iP-1 for my 1962 Gibson B-25. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
With my AER Domino Acoustic guitar amp and your pickups every player that hears my rig wants to know how I get such a great sound.
Thanks again, a satisfied and devoted customer.
B.C. Read
Dear Highlander,
I have a Guild D50 from a couple years back and had a Highlander iP-1 installed. I absolutely love the guitar and now love it twice as much because the pickup is unbelievable!...
I've used the highlander set up for I guess 5yrs and love it… Thanks for a great product.
Hey holly,
I believe that I must change my tune about the performance of the highlander. It is sounding a lot more true and most Kick Ass.
After taking your advice, I totally turned the EQ off. This made a world of difference. I had been really messing up the sound trying to EQ it "just right". That was a mistake. It DOES sound best with all EQ off.
Thanks, your company is great. I will promote the hell out of it now.