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Pickup and Preamp for Upright Bass

The Pickup is embedded in the bridge. This unique approach to installation ensures that the pickup responds to every sound vibration travelling through the bridge.
The pickup is easily installed in existing bridges by a competent luthier. Pre-Routed Bridges are available from Highlander.

The Preamplifier and battery are housed in a neat, little bag made from durable, black Cordura®. The BAG mounts easily on a wide variety of tailpieces using a tie lace and a Velcro® strap.

Highlander’s Extended Response, Ultra Low Noise, Pickup and Preamplifier Systems are ideally suited to the amplification of an instrument with such a wide tonal and dynamic range as a Double Bass. From the lowest fundamentals to the highest harmonics, Highlander’s wide band pickup systems capture it all, in phase, with unparalleled dynamics. While playing Pizzicato enjoy deep, clearly enunciated tones with fantastic dynamics. If Arco is your thing, then you’re in for a treat. Bowing has never sounded sweeter. All of the rich, complex harmonics that this technique produces are faithfully reproduced.

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