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Stereo Cables: SCY-20 and SC-20.
For Acoustic Guitars with Dual Systems such as the iP-2

High Quality Stereo to 2 Mono Cable

20' (6meter) long.

Right angle 1/4" Stereo Jack to 2 Straight 1/4" Mono Jack Plugs.

This cable provides a great deal of flexibility when using a pickup system with two sources such as the iP-2 it is possible to hook up to:
  • Two channels of a mixing console
  • A two channel acoustic instrument amplifier.
  • Two different amplifiers. Select amps that have sounds that complement each pickup or mic.
  • Two channels of an digital or computer recording system.
  • The 'Pro Acoustic Mix DI or a two channel acoustic preamp.

High Quality Stereo Cable

15' (4.5 meter) long.

Right Angle 1/4" Stereo Jack to Straight 1/4" Stereo Jack Plugs.

Use this cable to hookup a Dual System such as the iP-2 to the stereo input of two channel preamp such as Highlanders 'Pro Acoustic Mix DI'.
Connect both channels using a single cable, its quick, easy and clean.

Typically the Pickup is connected via the tip and the second pickup or microphone is connected via the Ring.
These cables are constructed using VTG High Brilliance Professional Audio Cable
and Industry Standard Switchcraft Jack Plugs.
Each cable is supplied with a reusable Velcro® cable tie.