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High Definition Mono Guitar Cable: Hi Def 15
For the ultimate in high quality sound reproduction.

Our High Definition Cable delivers the ultimate in well defined, warm, clear sound.
  • Smooth, Silky Highs.
  • Warm, Clear Mids.
  • Powerful, Punchy Low End.

Highlander's High Definition Cable is constructed using:
  • An extra thick conductor constructed with fine strands of the purest Oxygen Free Copper available, to eliminate distortion and preserve signal integrity.
  • A specially formulated dielectric insulator that lowers capacitance, minimizing high frequency loss.
  • A proprietary, conductive plastic shield to reduce microphonic handling effects.
  • A high density, braided shield made with super fine strands of Oxygen Free Copper to eliminate electromagnetic interference (hum, etc.).
  • Rugged, state-of-the-art connectors.
Housed in a tough but flexible jacket that resists tears and cracks, this exceptional cable remains flexible even in sub zero temperatures.

Supplied with a sturdy reusable Vlerco® Cable Tie.

Available in 15' (4.5meter) lengths.
Custom lengths available as special order 3' - 25' (1Meter - 7.5Meters).