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A Classic Pickup for The Classic Single Cone, Biscuit Bridge Resonator Guitar
"At the National Reso-Phonic Guitar Company we have been installing Highlander Pickups for over a decade. They are our pickups of choice because they sound best and are extremely reliable."

If you want to get the most from your single cone resonator instrument this is the pickup for you.
The pickup is installed in the "biscuit".
The preamp mounts on the "neck stick".
The pickup is ideally positioned to capture the the complex tone and power of these instruments.
The iP-1X INLINE Preamp simplifies installation. The 1/4" output jack can be mounted anywhere on the instrument from a hole in the bout to one of the "f" holes.

Mark Knopfler chose the iP-1X INLINE pickup for his vintage and brand new 14 Fret, Style O, Nationals.

“Before installing an iP-1X INLINE in my ’36 National, I never thought I’d hear direct signal this present and realistic from a resonator guitar. Now volume and quality sound are a fact of life in any performing situation... In most cases I don’t even need an EQ, and the acoustic sound of the instrument is not compromised. A real measure of how good these things are is the number of people; techs, players and audience, who say: ‘That guitar sounds great. What kind of pickup are you using?’ More Highlanders please!”