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The iP-1 Pickup and Preamp
For Acoustic Guitars
The iP-1 (our most popular system) is currently in use by thousands of musicians including many of the world’s top players. Highlander’s Integrated Pickup and Matching Preamplifier set new standards for acoustic instrument reproduction.

Our unique pickup installation couples the pickup with the body of the instrument. The pickup, being sensitive to pressure changes from all directions, 'hears' the tonal qualities of the wood and structure of the instrument, not just the dry, direct string sound through the saddle.

The iP-1 was initially designed for use in six and twelve string acoustic guitars and nylon string acoustic guitars and basses, but various versions have been developed including systems for Resonator Guitars and Harp. The system has excellent feedback resistance and is packaged to take the rigors of the road.

NEW Strap Nut
A New Look for the iP Series.
This attractive 'ebony' strap nut looks great on guitars in any price range.
Made from highly durable Delrin® this strap nut is as tough as it is elegant.