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The iP-2 Dual System
For Acoustic Guitars
Access Jack
Combine the Highlander Pickup System with a second transducer, such as an internal, condenser microphone or a magnetic, sound hole pickup, and enhance your sound. (The mic or magnetic pickup is plugged into the Access Jack which provides power if required).

The Signal from the iP-2 Pickup System is connected to the tip of the stereo output jack, while the signal from the second sound source is connected to the ring. Having both signals available separately, you can use different sound systems for each pickup or combine both signals with a stereo preamplifier or mixer.

NEW Strap Nut
A New Look for the iP Series.
This attractive 'ebony' strap nut looks great on guitars in any price range.
Made from highly durable Delrin® this strap nut is as tough as it is elegant.