About the External Power Option

Changing batteries in National®-Style Guitars can be difficult. The External Power Option solves this problem.
The 9v battery is housed in a rugged die cast aluminum box instead of the guitar.

The guitar is connected to the External Power Unit and amplifier as shown.

Supplied complete with External Power Box and a 15-foot (4.5-meter) professional quality, stereo cable.
Also available for acoustic guitar see the iP-1 Options.
To order this Option add an 'X' to the product name ie an iP-1 with external power would be an iP-1X

As with any piezo pickup, it is important to have the preamplifier mounted as close to the pickup as possible. This minimizes the length of cable between the pickup and the preamp, greatly enhancing the sound quality.
The preamp requires a 9V battery, while Highlander systems can run for 1000 hours on one 9V battery, this battery will have to be replaced from time to time. In an acoustic flat top guitar this is easily accomplished through the sound hole, however, it is not so easy to access the inside of a resonator guitar. That is why the External Power Accessory is highly recommended by Highlander and the National Reso-Phonic Guitar Company. The cover plate on these guitars was not designed to be removed and replaced regularly. Apart from the hassle, there is a possibility that over time this could cause problems. The External Power Option is easy to use, eliminating the hassle and potential problems.

Please note the External Power Accessory is used to power the preamp that is in the guitar -- there is no preamplifier in the External Power Box.

Power is delivered to the guitar on the ‘ring’ of a stereo cable. If a mono cable is inadvertently plugged into the guitar jack on the External Power Box, the battery will be shorted out. This will cause the battery to run down very quickly, and there is also the possibility that the battery could get quite warm. If this happens the battery should be replaced.