Volume Control

A miniature, state-of-the-art, Conductive Plastic Pot comes pre-wired to the preamp with 2 feet (60cm) of cable so that it can be mounted conveniently (through a .25” (6.35mm) diameter hole).

The iP-2 can be wired with two Volume Controls, one for the Pickup and one for the Highlander Internal Mic.

Although the iP-2 can be used with a wide variety of microphones we can only provide a volume control for the Highlander Internal Mic.

The Pot is 100K Audio

Our volume control is of the highest quality and sounds excellent at any volume setting however the best possible audio quality from any pot is realised when it is set at maximum volume.

When ordering use an 'V' to indicate a
Volume Control e.g.: iP-1 would be the iP-1V