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Highlander Pickup Installation

We would like to acknowledge all of the fine craftsmen who, over many years and countless installations, have generously shared and continue to share their invaluable insights. This helps us develop and refine the pickups and installation techniques.

In particular we would like to say thanks to:

Don Young of the National Resophonic Guitar Company for sharing some of the knowledge learned over lifetimes dedicated to resonator guitar design and construction. We have a much deeper appreciation of these unique instruments thanks to the dedicated craftsmen and the staff at The National Resophonic Guitar Company.

Ron Saul, an extraordinary luthier and precision engineer. Ron discovered the advantages of the 'two hole' installation in acoustic flat top guitar. Since adopting this technique, string balance is consistently and easily accomplished. Ron's continued input and tool making abilities are greatly appreciated.

Saturo Onuki, inventor, vocalist, business man and our Japanese distributor who impressed upon us the necessity to develop the proprietary, 100% shielding that allows our coaxial pickup systems to run clean without a grounded amplifier, anywhere in the world.

Thomas Fichter, accomplished musician and instrument designer. His work with the Highlander pickup led to the development of the installation "in the groove", achieving a new level of authenticity in the reproduction of acoustic instruments. Thomas Fichter worked with Peter Erskine and John Scofield (on Mark-Anthony Turnage's "Blood on the Floor"), as well as with Fred Frith ("Traffic Continues") and Frank Zappa ("Yellow Shark"). He has performed worldwide more than fifty times in Heiner Goebbel's "Black on White" with the Ensemble Modern.