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Updated 3/3/1999

-- EScribes Specialists in web design for small businesses and freelance artists who wish to have a dynamic presence on the web.

-- Guitar Semminars Presents: The Acoustic Blues and Slide Guitar Workshop. Taught by Woody Mann, Bob Brozman, Martin Simpson and John Cephas. A must for serious musicians and beginners alike.

-- David Crosby & CPR What more can we say about this guy, keep up to date with David and the boys.

-- Martin Simpson Find out more about this Extraordinary Musician.

-- Bob Brozman Fantastic Musical Talent and an amazing entertainer.

-- Greg Lake The Official Greg Lake Web Site.

-- National Reso-phonic Guitar in San Luis Obispo, California manufacture a variety of top quality resophonic instruments that sound as phenomenal as they look. E-mail: [email protected]

-- Turner Guitars Inovative Guitars from one of the most creative guitar designers in the world. Rick Turner continues to push the envelope.

-- Daedalus Music Premier Loudspeaker Cabinets and Amplification Equipment for Acoustic Instruments and PA. Phone: (607) 564-0000

-- Webber Guitars Combining the best craftmanship with the latest technology, David Webber produces beautiful instruments.

-- fichter electric upright basses. Top quality electric, upright basses form Frankfurt, Germany. Phone: +49 69 46 24 22

-- E-mail Chris Larkin for information on his line of beautiful, hand made, instruments. County Kerry, Ireland.
Phone: (0353) 66-39330

-- Based in Talent, Oregon, Dave Maize hand crafts fine acoustic bass guitars. Dave has worked hard to develop environmentally responsible materials and techniques for use in guitar building. Phone: (541) 535-9052

-- Ithaca Guitar Works builds quality, handmade Acoustic-Electric instruments for discriminating players. Ithaca, New York. Phone: (607) 272-2602

-- Scipio Guitars. Flip Scipio hand builds instruments to the highest standards. Flip also restores and repairs acoustic instruments including high quality, vintage guitars. Staten Island, New York. Phone: (718) 720-0325


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Catalog Distributors Installation FAQ Home Page

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