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for the IP-1, IP-2 and IP-1X INLINE
Highlander's pickup is flexible allowing it to make intimate contact with the instrument as well as the saddle. The pickup responds to pressure changes applied to it from every direction. This means that vibrations in the body of the guitar as well as the saddle are captured by the pickup. Sensitive along its entire length, the pickup is suited to any string spacing. The response is smooth with a very natural dynamic. This combined with exceptional frequency response capture the subtlety as well as the power of the instrument and the music.

The pickup is of coaxial construction. The braid and the inner conductor are stainless steel. The material between the inner conductor and the outer braid generates a signal that is proportional to pressure changes on the pickup. This signal is carried by the inner conductor and the braid. The braid also shields the sensing material from interference.

It is important that the inner conductor and the outer braid do not come into contact with each other. This will result in serious signal loss. If the pickup is cut, the end must be checked to insure that there is no contact between the braid and the inner conductor.

Humidity, temperature and age are just some of the factors that can cause an instrument to change its shape. The flexibility of the Highlander pickup enables it to move with the instrument. This ensures consistent high performance as the instrument "breaths".
Due to the pickups high impedance, a well designed low noise "matching preamplifier" is necessary to obtain the optimum results. Highlander pickups come wired to our specially designed "matching preamplifier". In a typical acoustic guitar installation, no soldering is required.


Diameter: .08" (2mm)
Length: 3.625" (10cm). (Can be ordered in any length up to 2 feet / 61cm)
Nominal Output Level: -25dB
High Impedance
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