About the iP Pickup

It's all in the groove...
The Highlander pickup avoids the direct 'dry string sound' often associated with piezo pickups by embedding the pickup in a groove in the bottom of the saddle slot. Installing the pickup in this fashion couples the pickup to the bridge and the top of the guitar so that it responds to the tonal qualities of the wood and the structure of the instrument. Unlike other pickups our pickup is sensitive to vibration in every direction not just the 'straight down pressure' of the saddle. The complex movement of the top of the instrument is captured while maintaining contact with the saddle so that each note is clearly defined. In contrast with other piezo pickups the response of the Highlander pickup is smooth with a natural dynamic. This installation technique combined with exceptional frequency response accurately reproduces the subtlety as well as the full power of the instrument.

A competent luthier or guitar repair person who has experience re-cutting saddle slots will have no difficulty making the groove for the pickup. Inexpensive installation tools are available from Highlander.

The pickup is flexible, it's construction is similar to coaxial wire. The braid and the inner conductor are copper. Copper is malleable which helps with the pickup's overall ability to make intimate contact with the instrument and saddle. The material between the inner conductor and the outer braid generates a signal that is proportional to the vibrations that are produced by the instrument. This signal is carried by the inner conductor and the braid. The braid also shields the sensing material from electrical interference and noise.

Humidity, temperature and age are just some of the factors that can cause an instrument to change its shape. The flexibility of the Highlander pickup enables it to move with the instrument. This ensures consistent high performance as the instrument 'breaths' and ages.
Due to the pickup's high impedance, a well designed low noise 'matching preamplifier' is necessary to obtain the optimum results. Highlander pickups come wired to our specially designed 'matching preamplifier'. In a typical acoustic guitar installation, no soldering is required.

iP Pickup Specifications
Frequency Response: 2Hz - >400KHz Nominal Output Level: -25dB
Nominal Impedance: High > 5 Megohms
Diameter: .07" (.18mm)
Length: 3.625" (10cm) for Acoustic Guitar.
(Can be ordered in any length up to 10 feet / 305cm)