About the iP-1 Preamplifier
Our true 'Class A' preamplifier is the result of more than 30 years of experience and research in professional live sound and recording studio audio. The preamp's exceptionally low noise and distortion coupled with it's wide frequency response and dynamic range set
new standards for musical instrument amplification.

The preamplifier is housed in a unique package that is as rugged as it is
elegant and functional. The electronics are protected from mechanical shock and humidity by a special potting compound. The tubular metal housing protects the preamplifier from
interference. In a typical acoustic guitar installation, no soldering is required. The screw thread used to hold the preamp in the end block
of a guitar is designed to minimize the possibility of the preamp coming loose as the end block
changes size with variations in humidity and temperature. The use of an advanced discrete design (there are no ‘off the shelve’ audio chips in the preamp) not
only provides great audio performance, it means the preamp can be optimized for low power consumption. Powered by a single 9V battery,
the preamp draws 440µA from the battery and activates only when you plug in. Battery life is approximately 1000 hours. (You should notice a loss of highs when the battery is almost run
down, leaving you a few hours to change the battery before it dies).

In this day and age with the great strides forward in low noise amplification
and digital recording systems, noise and distortion from your guitar preamp will become more and more evident. Highlander sets new standards for low noise and low distortion electronics, keeping you “up to date” with new technology for years to come.

iP-1 Preamplifier Specifications:
Frequency Response: Flat from 10Hz to >500KHz
Dynamic Range: >100dB (ref. 10Hz to 40KHz)
Input Impedance: Matched to Pickup
Output Impedance: nominal output level: -10db
headroom: 18db (ref. -10db)
power consumption: 440uA
power: one 9v battery
battery life: > 1000 hours
(Measurements made with a test load of 100Kohms)